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Mountain Training on the island of Ireland is governed by the Mountain Training Board Ireland. MTBI is the training sub-committee of Mountaineering Ireland.


We highly recommend individuals who take on any of our mountain challenges to complete Mountain Skills, due to the fact that many of our challenges require individuals to have competent navigation and map reading skills. 

Mountain Skills

Offering a solid foundation for gaining personal mountaineering proficiency, Mountain Skills training teaches the necessary skills in mountain safety, navigation, knowledge of hazards and personal equipment. The aim of Mountain Skill's training is to equip people with the skills and knowledge to safely take to the hills. Mountain Skills training and assessment also provide foundation training for those who wish to progress to further leadership qualifications, such as the Mountain Leader (ML). Mountain Skills courses are available throughout Ireland. 

MS training is split into three blocks, MS1, MS2 and MS Assessment. MS1 and MS2 are the basic training blocks covering all aspects of hillwalking that the candidate will require to become a self sufficient hill user.


Mountain Skills 1 (MS1)

This course includes map-reading and simple navigation techniques, recognition of natural features, distance measurement and timing of walks. Mountain hazards are also covered, as is personal equipment such as correct clothing and emergency equipment.

Mountain Skills 2 (MS2)

This course builds on MS1. It covers the use of a compass, route-planning and the preparation of route cards, night navigation, scrambling, mountain rescue and emergency procedures. MS1 and MS2 are generally run over two-day periods and comprise a mixture of indoor informal lectures/discussions


MOUNTAIN Running for Women

She Summits is Ireland's only guided trail running company that caters specifically to women. 

Founded in 2019, in order to increase female involvement in trail and mountain running in Ireland, She Summits is run for women and by women. Guided runs, for all levels, take place in the Wicklow and Dublin Mountains. 

Check out She Summits event page on Eventbrite.

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1 Step More is led by Paul Nolan, International & Winter Mountain Leader, Wilderness EMT & Rock Climbing Instructor. His popular courses usually take place in the Wicklow Mountains. 

Navigation for Mountain Runners is a day long course aimed at preparing Runners to move at speed over our hills. Led by a qualified Mountain Leader with a sub-20 hour Wicklow Round time, this course focuses on maps, route choice, re-location, compass use and contour interpretation. The day is a walk-through of the basics of navigation on the run. The concepts and skills of finding your way are broken into steps, each building up to improve confidence and skills. 

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