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dublin 7 summits

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Some things to be aware of before going out on the Dublin 7 Summits: 

  • Kilbride Rifle Range is bordered by mountains, including two of the Dublin arderins: Seefingan and Seehan. We suggest using Corrig Mountain (not an arderin and therefore not included in the challenge) to cross between Seehan and Seefingan to avoid descending into the range.


  • Anyone attempting this challenge should be able to navigate in poor visibility and have recced their route in advance.


seehan forest gate

There are a number of ways to access Seehan Forest. For this challenge, the check point is a gate along Shankill Road. Grid Reference: O 074 201


Seehan (647 meters) 

The check point is a trig pillar on top of a cairn.

Grid Reference: O 081 197 



 Seefingan (773 meters)

The checkpoint for Seefingan is a sideways pillar in the bog and NOT the megalithic tomb.

Grid Reference: O 086 169


Kippure (757meters)

Kippure is Dublin's highest arderin and it is topped with a television mast. The checkpoint is the trig pillar on the north side of the fence, that surrounds the mast. Grid Reference: O 115 154



Glendoo (584 meters)

Glendoo is a relatively featureless, heathery, wet mountain. There are intermittent fence posts and a boggy path from Knocknagun to Whitesands that runs across Glendoo. Along this path you will reach the unmarked summit. Grid Reference: O 141 205


Knocknagun (555m)

The check point for Knocknagun is the Tor, about 5 meters south of the summit. Grid Reference: O 163185


Prince William's Seat

Prince William’s Seat (553 meters) 

The check point for Prince William’s Seat is a trig pillar at the summit. Grid Reference: O 176182

Two rock

Two Rock Mountain (536 meters)

The check point for Two Rock mountain is the trig pillar beside the cairn known as Fairy Castle. Grid Reference: O 172 223

Two Rock_edited_edited.jpg


Kilmashogue Gate

The gate is on the Wicklow Way, approximately 120m from Kilmashogue Lane.

Grid Reference: O 151 245

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