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Wicklow 6/12/24

Rules and Guidelines

This is a point to point challenge in which the runner aims to reach as many Wicklow arderins as possible in a predetermined time frame of 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. The runner chooses their route. Wicklow 6/12/24 begins on the runner's first summit and finishes on the runner's last summit. The first and last summits are included in the total. If a runner doesn't finish on a summit, then their last peak visited will be considered their final summit. 


  • Summits to be located in County Wicklow and to be over 500m. 


  • Summit must have a prominence of 30m. 


  • A summit can only be counted once in an attempt. 


  • Runners must announce their attempt to IMC, prior to their run. They must also clarify if they're attempting 6, 12 or 24 hour. Runners can not drop from 24 to 12 hour, 12 to 6 hour, 24 to 6 hour during an attempt or vice versa. 

  • Athletes must carry coat, hat, gloves, foil blanket, first aid kit, whistle, map/compass and/or gps for the duration of the challenge.

GPS and Pacers


  • GPS devices are allowed and pacers are allowed. The same pacer(s) can not complete the length of the challenge with the runner. Otherwise, it will be considered a team completion. 

  • If a runner chooses to attempt their challenge unsupported and/or solely with map and compass navigation, then this will be specified on the results page. 

  • Completed challenges will be validated when a runner/s supply IMC with a gpx of their run. If a runner chooses to navigate solely via map/compass, and they would like this to be specified in their results, then they will have to supply gps tracking link from their run. 



This is a personal challenge. IMC's only involvement is to agree to record attempts. Neither IMC, its servants or agents can accept any responsibility of any nature or kind for loss, damage or injury suffered by a participant who takes part or attempts Wicklow 6/12/24. Each participant takes part at their own risk and is fully responsible for their own safety, support and equipment.

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